Which applications are using ToF camera?

Oct 29, 2021

Face recognition solution
Adding depth information to the 2D image can extract more effective information, thereby significantly improving the quality of the scene information. For example, 2D image detection cannot distinguish between real people and photos. Extracting depth information can better distinguish the human body and track facial and body features. ToF camera can provide high-quality and reliable face recognition solutions for identity security verification. The higher the resolution and depth accuracy, the better the performance of the classification algorithm. It can be used to implement simple functions, such as allowing access to mobile devices/private home spaces, or high-end applications, such as access control systems.

People Counting
With the continuous improvement of tof camera resolution and depth accuracy, the distinction and tracking of personnel will become easier. Use of artificial intelligence can greatly increase the confidence of classification, thereby promoting the emergence of new and emerging application fields. A example is the opening function of commercial automatic doors, especially in areas with strong sunlight. Ensure that the door is only open to people and not to other objects, which helps to achieve efficient building management and improve safety.

Volume measurement
tof camera is an important application in industry, manufacturing and construction processes. It is an amazing feature to accurately determine the size and classify in real time during the entire production process. Accurate depth sensing can determine the utilization rate of the warehouse.be able to quickly determine the size of offline products for transmission. High-resolution depth sensing can determine the edges and lines of the target object in real time, and quickly calculate its volume.

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