ToF camera for target detection and positioning

Not many people may know about the depth camera that must be configured for somatosensory game consoles. With the widespread use of face recognition on mobile phones, depth cameras have also become more popular. The structured light used by Apple on the front of the iPhone X and the ToF technology that VIVO is about to release are both widely used products in depth cameras. The depth camera measures the depth of the object, that is, the physical distance of the object from the camera. A normal 2D camera can only measure the length and width of an object, but cannot measure the depth, while a depth camera can measure the depth of an object.

There are three depth cameras on the market, namely binocular camera, structured light and ToF camera. The ToF camera continuously sends light pulses to the target, and then uses the sensor to receive the light returned from the object, and obtains the distance to the target object by detecting the flight (round-trip) time of the light pulse. ToF camera technology is widely used due to its advantages of simple calculation, little influence by ambient light, high precision and high frame rate.

DOMI tof camera products have the advantages of anti-strong light interference and long measurement distance, can be integrated with RGB, can work with multiple cameras and external trigger, have embedded AI functions, and realize AI applications such as target detection and positioning. It is suitable for scenic spots, buses, subways, airports, entertainment venues, etc. It can realize two-way counting of people entering or leaving, effectively avoiding the interference of side-by-side, front-to-back, and shoulder-to-shoulder situations; at the same time, it can reduce recognition errors, improve real-time performance, and make People statistics are more accurate. DOMI tof camera is also very suitable for applications in the logistics industry. It can accurately measure and output the volume and quantity of goods, with fast measurement, high accuracy, flexible interactive interface, and direct display of detection results; suitable for measurement of boxes above 3cm, in the dark or strong light It can be used normally; it can effectively reduce statistical errors and improve efficiency.

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