Tof camera for smartphone to make the picture clearer

Tof camera is used in smart phones, which can make smart phones more powerful. For example, the ToF camera has a better depth of field information collection function. After adding the smartphone rear camera module, it can achieve a fast and long-distance acquisition of a higher-precision depth map, so as to complete a more structured light range. Large 3D modeling, and because of the built-in infrared light source, the depth of field information obtained in the dark environment is also accurate.

Therefore, the imaging with Tof camera will be more real and rich in blur effect. Huawei’s P30 Pro 3D imaging and perception module released in 2019 adds Tof camera assistance. Tof camera acquires more depth information to strengthen the background blur function, which is more accurate than binocular vision, making the resulting image blurry edges Clearer.

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