Tof camera is used in AR to make life more convenient

2020 iPad Pro uses Tof camera technology, through which the depth information of the 3D space can be obtained, and the detailed indoor environment spatial data can be established to simulate the situation after placing new furniture. IKEA’s IKE A P lac e application uses AR to directly present the appearance of home furnishing products and the effect of placing them at home in front of users.

AR measurement: tof camera can quickly calculate the height of a person and show the vertical and edge guide lines. The app developed by the developer can achieve finer measurement of the size of objects and buildings.

AR games: tof camera has opened up a broader design space for AR games by scanning the surrounding real environment and quickly obtaining in-depth information.

AR decoration: Use tof camera to scan the room to create a 3D model. Users can edit the model or add new objects. AR can view the virtual effect of the actual room after editing, helping users experience the design effect more realistically before the decoration starts. The IKEA Place application can also scan a room to get matching furniture recommendations, and then use AR to view the furniture placement effect.

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