What are the advantages of ToF camera? Why is it widely used in smart phones?

1. Compared with two-dimensional images, ToF camera can obtain richer position relations between objects through distance information, and can distinguish foreground and background images;
2. Depth information can complete traditional applications such as segmentation, marking, recognition, and tracking of target images. Effective depth of field information can be obtained regardless of the strong or weak light source;
What is the purpose of Tof camera? Why is it widely used in smart phones?
1.After further deepening processing, tof camera can complete applications such as three-dimensional modeling;
2.It can quickly complete the identification and tracking of the target, and obtain effective depth information within 5 meters;
3.With the help of CMOS features, a large amount of data and information can be obtained, and the posture judgment of complex objects is extremely effective, and the accuracy of photographing objects can reach the centimeter level.

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