ToF camera for projector

ToF camera has the advantages of fast response time, high accuracy, and large use distance; it is widely used in technology and industrial fields, and now it has gradually developed into intelligent hardware products. What effect will the ToF camera have when applied to the projector?

When the projector is equipped with a ToF camera, it can quickly achieve non-sensing autofocus. The ToF focusing system can make the projector automatically keystone correction, real-time detection and autofocus, as far as the eye can see, the picture is bright and clear, equipped with ToF camera and CMOS camera module for accurate perception Picture clarity.the ToF sensor will capture the emitted laser signal, and calculate the distance by calculating the time-consuming laser reflection back to the sensor, so as to quickly and accurately complete the focusing and correction work.
At present, there are many types of projectors that can support ToF laser focusing, but there are not enough to experience ToF laser sensorless autofocus and sensorless keystone correction. Projector manufacturers are welcome to use the DOMI ToF camera to provide users with excellent Movie viewing experience.

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