ToF camera DM 6002L for AR/VR

DM_6002L ToF camera series is suitable for security, AR/VR, sensorless intelligent access control, machine vision, Internet of Things, intelligent transportation (passenger flow statistics) and other industries. DOMI launches ToF camera DM_6002L, provides SDK, enables customers to deploy differentiated algorithms, supports In-depth customization of customers to meet the needs of various intelligent equipment positioning, obstacle avoidance and intelligent analysis.
ToF camera DM_6002L is suitable for various indoor and outdoor scenarios, can generate high frame rate and high precision depth maps, and supports the deployment of real-time intelligent AI algorithms on the device side. The whole machine has many advantages such as high depth map accuracy, high frame rate, strong AI computing power, good ISP image quality, high integration, low power consumption, and small size.
DM_6002L ToF camera is not only suitable for indoors, but also suitable for outdoor scenes with complex scenes, and a good depth map can also be obtained in sunlight. For common depth cameras on the market, the active light is easily disturbed under sunlight, so that a good depth map cannot be obtained.DM_6002L ToF camera adopts a unique optical design, which can reduce the interference of sunlight while maintaining the signal-to-noise ratio, so as to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the depth map.
DM_6002L ToF camera comes with calibration parameters and supports firmware upgrade. In order to facilitate the rapid evaluation and integration of developers, DOMI also provides a wealth of software tools and SDK support: user access the camera through the USB interface, control the camera in real time, and complete various functions such as image acquisition and display.

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