Domi ToF cameras can be applied in the field of smart door locks

The emergence of smart door locks has brought great convenience to people’s lives. In addition to its outstanding performance in security, smart door locks also bring smart and convenient management methods. The smart IoT management platform can build a big data platform to realize management and control of all IoT hardware products such as networked smart door locks, smart access control, smart electronic control and smart gates. In addition to the Internet of Things, the camera of the smart door lock is also very important.
Smart door lock using ToF camera face recognition technology is far superior to monocular, high-precision face recognition verification in terms of security, recognition accuracy, recognition speed, etc. In recent years, ToF camera has been widely used in the financial field and High-end mobile phone field. In the past two years, it has also been applied in the field of high-end smart locks. Domi ToF cameras can be applied in the field of smart door locks.
DOMI focus on the development of high-performance 3D ToF sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, providing complete 3D vision application solutions. we have a senior R&D team, and our products have been widely used in face payment, access control, door locks, robots, logistics volume measurement, AGV, security, somatosensory games, industrial intelligent detection and other industries.

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