ToF camera for face recognition door lock module

Due to the small size and high precision of the tof camera module, it is easy to be applied to various terminals, especially in the field of smart door locks. Due to the strong anti-counterfeiting and adaptability of the tof camera module, it is very suitable for the application of face recognition door locks.

Strong adaptability: It can also be used in the dark or in low light conditions. tof camera can capture the dynamic expressions of people and recognize changes in facial makeup.
Strong anti-counterfeiting: The user can complete the authentication without any action coordination. The authentication can be completed only by capturing a face portrait in front of the camera, and can effectively defend against attacks by various props such as paper, masks, and mobile phone screens.
Wide applicability: ToF camera face recognition technology can be widely used in face payment, security check and other fields.
ToF camera parameters

Parameter Description
Sensor Global shutter
Resolution 100 * 100
Pixel size 15um
Sensor size  1/6’’
Dimensions 21.60mm * 9.10mm * 5.40mm
Frame rate Normally 15/30 fps
Measurement range  Up to 5m
FOV 56°(H) * 56°(V)
Distortion <2.5%
Illumination 850nm, 2W
Input clock 27Mhz
Power supply Sensor: 3.3V single power supply, >=300mA
VCSEL: 4.6V, >= 1A
Power consumption 500mW. Typ @ 15fps
Depth accuracy <=1% / <=1cm
Interface MIPI CSI-2, 2 lanes


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