In the future, tof sensor will be an indispensable part for autonomous driving

ToF technology is widely used. For example, using ToF sensor technology, the movement of robots indoors can become safer and more precise. It can better identify obstacles such as wires and avoid them accurately. At present, most of the newly marketed floor robot vacuums have been equipped with ToF sensor.

In addition to the application of tof sensor in smartphones, automotive applications are also a major area of ​​rapid growth of tof sensor. And it is also widely used in the field of machine vision. With the improvement of production automation, more and more robots need to be equipped with 3D sensors to achieve safe and accurate navigation. At present, the tof sensor can even identify millimeter-level part errors. In the driving field, the tof sensor is mainly used for gesture recognition and control of the infotainment system. In the future, the tof sensor will be an indispensable part of the in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle monitoring in the field of autonomous driving. Whether it is protecting pedestrians or monitoring the status of drivers, tof sensors are indispensable.

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