Compared with structured light, what are the advantages of tof camera?

Dec 14, 2021

Compared with structured light, tof technology has an adjustable ranging range and has a farther detection capability. tof camera technology calculates the depth information of the object by calculating the flight time of infrared light. The error mainly comes from the system error of the device, and the error is relatively constant. The accuracy of structured light depends on the reflected light, and the error is small at close distances, but as the distance increases, the error increases exponentially.

And tof camera has low algorithm requirements, faster response, and supports higher frame rates. Because structured light needs to decode the coded structured light, Complexity is higher than the tof direct ranging. tof camera does not require subsequent processing, so delays can be avoided, and the algorithm requirements are lower. In addition, tof camera can reach a very high frame rate, supporting hundreds of fps. The frame rate of the structured light scheme will be lower, typically 30fps.

Tof camera measurement distance can be adjusted, as long as the optical intensity, optical angle of view, and transmitter pulse frequency are changed, it is suitable for long-distance somatosensory recognition, such as body movements, gestures, etc., and also suitable for application scenarios such as navigation, monitoring, and mobile robots. The potential application scenarios are broad.

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