Tof camera for passenger flow statistics

The demand for passenger flow statistics is widely present in various scenarios, such as buses, rail transit, chain stores, buildings, scenic spots, etc. How to effectively use imaging technology to accurately distinguish the height and weight of people entering and leaving, while the error of entry and exit time and height is less than 1% ,. The DOMI Tof solution is different from the traditional 3D people flow solution. It only needs a ToF camera, which is installed above the door frame and has no installation height limit.

DOMI tof camera has been widely used in passenger flow statistics. In terms of human-computer interaction, ToF technology also has a broad application space. Feature recognition technologies such as gestures and bones are widely used in consumer electronics, automobiles and other fields. Compared with traditional solutions, DOMI tof camera has the advantages of good adaptability, high accuracy and easy deployment. The combination of ToF technology and deep learning algorithms that can run on embedded terminals in real time can obtain in-depth information. On this basis, the background and the target to be measured can be separated, reducing the interference caused by complex scenes and improving the accuracy of recognition.

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