Face recognition technology for smart door lock application

Smart door locks have continued to grow in recent years. At present, various products on the market basically cover the key opening methods of password, card swiping and fingerprint. As a new reference technology, face recognition technology has become the pursuit of many manufacturers. A trend formed by product differentiation.
2D face recognition technology has been used in security, surveillance, access control, and attendance. Its hardware structure is equivalent to an RGB camera. By capturing face images, corresponding features are extracted from the images. The principle is to compare and judge with the image library that has been entered. At present, the neural network-based face recognition algorithm has been tested on various open source datasets with high accuracy, but the depth information of the image detection based on two-dimensional data is lost, and the collected two-dimensional features are difficult to deal with camouflage attacks.
ToF camera face recognition technology has added depth information algorithm technology, compared with 2D recognition technology, the detection accuracy has been improved to a certain extent. According to the principle of camera imaging, compared with the 2D face recognition technology of ToF camera 3D face recognition, the ToF camera face recognition combined with depth information has improved the anti-counterfeiting security.

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