What are the advantages of applying 3D ToF cameras to smart door locks?

When the face recognition is unlocked, the face information is obtained through the 3D ToF camera, combined with the AI chip used in the module to run the ToF camera detection algorithm and the face recognition algorithm to compare the captured information.
In the process of applying the ToF camera to the experience of the smart door lock, it can be seen that when registering and entering, there is no need for the face to turn around and look up and bow. The camera can collect and record the three-dimensional information of the face, and the registration process is simple and easy to operate.
Collecting complete face contour and depth information through the 3D ToF camera,with extremely high anti-counterfeiting.

When the 3D ToF camera is tested and recognized, it can be felt that the entire unlocking process is very fast and smooth. In fact, in the test, the entire module only takes a few seconds from power-on to unlocking, which is the fastest unlocking solution in the industry so far, and it can be recognized and unlocked normally even when wearing hats, glasses, etc.
Since door locks are often installed in corridors, some users worry about whether the face unlocking effect will be affected in low light or dark environments. DOMI 3D ToF camera has a good wide dynamic effect, whether it is strong light, backlight, or a completely dark environment, it can accurately recognize the face and quickly unlock it.

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