d-ToF development direction

The error of d-ToF technology does not change with distance within the normal working range, and is less affected by factors such as multipath. It has advantages in applications in long-distance and complex environments. However, the maturity of d-ToF technology faces a series of challenges. It needs comprehensive breakthroughs in chip design, system design, manufacturing process, etc. to truly realize the advantages promised by d-ToF technology and achieve popularization in consumer scenarios.

d-ToF has advantages in power consumption, distance and anti-interference. Regardless of the technical route based on it, the imaging chip of the ToF system can only solve how to detect and process the returned light signal; as a 3D imaging system, the design of the optical system, the modulation and control of the projected light, the algorithm processing of the image data, etc. Factors will also determine whether a technical solution can give full play to the advantages of its principle and realize a solution that truly suits the application needs.

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