3D Depth cameras have been widely used in intelligent driving

3D Depth camera is an imaging system that can obtain the three-dimensional physical distance between the physical point in the imaging scene and the optical center of the camera, and can obtain the information of the physical point in the camera coordinate system. “3D Depth cameras are usually composed of multiple optical sensors. According to different measurement principles, common 3D depth cameras can be divided into binocular stereo vision 3D depth cameras, structured light depth cameras, time-of-flight depth cameras, monocular depth cameras, and fusion mode depth cameras.
Auxiliary light source of the 3D depth camera is concentrated in the infrared band or the microwave band, which can surpass the visual ability of the human eye. 3D depth camera can obtain three-dimensional perception information within the imaging range, such as the texture, brightness, color, distance, etc. of the surface of the object, which is an important basis for detection and recognition, capture of motion trajectories, and behavior prediction through artificial intelligence.
3D Depth cameras have been widely used in intelligent driving to make more accurate judgments on the relative distance, relative speed, and related behaviors of road participants.

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