ToF sensor opens a new door for 3D vision technology

What we usually call 3D is that it has X, Y, Z axis direction information, then 3D vision is to obtain the complete geometric information of objects in the real three-dimensional scene through the camera, and process the image with depth information through the upper layer algorithm. In order to accurately digital size information, so as to achieve high-precision identification, positioning, reconstruction and other key functions of machine vision. In 2017, the release of iPhoneX opened a new door for 3D vision technology, making 3D vision technology from high-end technology only used in professional fields in the traditional sense, into a consumer-grade product for mass application, and also let consumers. Realize that technology brings more convenience to life.

At present, there are three mainstream 3D ranging schemes: binocular scheme, structured light scheme, and tof sensor. The principle of the first two is to use triangular geometric parallax to obtain the distance information from the target to the camera. High accuracy, but error increases with distance. ToF sensor uses the round-trip time for the actively projected light beam to be received by the ToF sensor after being reflected on the surface of the target object, and the distance from the target object to the ToF sensor can be obtained through the speed of light. ToF sensors have many advantages over the first two, such as stable error and good accuracy at long distances.

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