An excellent ToF camera DMOM2501A

ToF camera is a distance detection technology, ToF sensor emits debugged near-infrared light, which reflects after encountering an object. The sensor converts the distance of the captured scene by calculating the time difference or phase difference between light emission and reflection to generate depth information. Compared with the binocular scheme and the 3D structured light scheme, ToF camera has the advantages of long working distance, wide application scene, and high precision at long distance. Therefore, it is often used in proximity detection, robot obstacle avoidance, camera autofocus and other occasions.

DMOM2501A is an excellent ToF camera with built-in controller and ranging algorithm. The ranging range can reach 5m, the accuracy can reach ±1.5cm, and the resolution can reach 1mm. Support a variety of communications, support active and query output data, and support cascade ranging. It can be used as a ranging tool for distance detection, as a robot for obstacle avoidance/route planning, and also for UAV height determination/ceiling detection and other fields.

ToF camera DMOM2501A of features
Support a variety of communication interfaces
Supports short, medium and long distance measurement modes
Support a variety of FOV angle settings to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios
Support two output methods: active output and query output
Support multi-module cascade
Support firmware upgrade

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