What fields can the ToF camera DMOM2501A be used in?

DOMI latest ToF camera product DMOM2501A has a wide range of applications. Next, I will focus on several typical applications.
1. Projector Keystone Correction
ToF camera DMOM2501A detects the distance between the projection surface and the projector, three points determine a plane, and the distance value is converted into an angle through an algorithm to complete automatic keystone correction.
2. Robot vacuum obstacle avoidance
ToF camera DMOM2501A is used in the field of robot vacuum, which can help the robot vacuum to plan the map more clearly and complete the obstacle avoidance function.
3. Gesture Recognition
ToF camera DMOM2501A Ideal for AR and VR applications,can recognize gestures such as up, down, left, right, short press, long press, etc.
4. People Counting
In public situations, compared with the traditional camera solution, ToF camera DMOM2501A can complete the counting of people while protect personal privacy, and the cost is low.

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