Advantages of the DOMI People Counting Module

People counting technology helps enterprises to improve management performance and scientific decision-making, and directly benefit from the fierce commercial retail competition. In the near future, it is believed that People counting analysis will generally be highly valued by major shopping malls, and will play an increasingly important role in the operation management and decision-making of commercial retail enterprises.

Based on the ToF technology DOMI developed a module for people counting. The people counting product integrates image acquisition, passenger flow statistical analysis, and data transmission; optical sensors based on ToF technology, infrared LED tubes for active lighting, and main control processors and drivers; integrated with high-performance digital processors for real-time image analysis, The bidirectional count value is output through the Ethernet interface, and the module is powered by POE, which is convenient for wiring and easy for users to integrate.
Advantages of the DOMI People Counting Module
1. Liveness detection algorithm based on 3D human features, supports static and dynamic people counting
2. Accurate calculation and high precision
3. Two-way statistics of getting on and off at the same time
4. Anti-ambient light and adaptable in dark environment
5. Support CAN bus and Ethernet interface to transmit data
6. Small size, customizable, easy to install
Installation steps for the DOMI people counting module
The first step: top installation, the height is 2-2.4 meters
Step 2: Connect the interface to use

As ToF technology becomes more mature, and more applications are gradually being used in business models. For businesses, its existence is not only to count passenger traffic, but also to understand the market and customers. Demand is also learned from statistics on how to change to cater to customers and serve customers with the most appropriate service, which is the meaning of passenger flow statistics. At present, the main application directions of DOMI ToF People counting are: bus passenger flow statistics, shopping mall passenger flow statistics, intelligent building security, unmanned stores, etc.

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