640×480 pixels tof camera for autonomous vehicles

ToF camera improves the safety of automotive

After the ToF camera is applied to autonomous vehicles it can meet various requirements of driver status monitoring and accurately determine whether the driver has dangerous driving behaviors such as distraction and fatigue. In this way, only one ToF camera is needed to create a driver status monitoring system that can safely perform 3D facial recognition.

DOMI tof camera achieves a VGA system resolution of 640×480 pixels.in-vehicle cameras in automotive applications can now be made as small as a smartphone camera. The high resolution of the tof camera makes it suitable for wide field of view camera applications, such as all-round monitoring systems for front row occupants. Using the resulting 3D body model, the size and weight of the occupant can be accurately estimated, resulting in highly accurate occupant and seat position data, which provides critical information for smart airbag deployment and restraint systems. ToF camera solution is not only small, but also compliant with relevant standards.

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