ToF camera for UAV obstacle avoidance

To complete the autonomous obstacle avoidance action, the drone needs to go through three processes: one is to detect and identify obstacles, the other is to accurately measure the outline and distance of obstacles, etc., and the third is to integrate the remaining power of the drone according to the measurement results. As well as the urgency of the mission, formulate the next action plan – adjust the route to bypass obstacles to continue to complete the mission, return home or land at the nearest alternate site.
UAV detection, identification and measurement of obstacles must use some professional sensors, limited by the size of the UAV, battery capacity, the cost of the whole machine and other factors, compared with the automatic driving of the car, the UAV can choose range is very limited. ToF camera can be used for object recognition of drones, autonomous obstacle avoidance and other applications, and is better than other solutions in detection accuracy and response speed. ToF camera is more suitable for use in low-light indoor environments or open fields of view. Some industries use it as an solution to enhance the detection ability and improve the obstacle avoidance effect in some special scenarios.

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