What are the differences between 3D tof camera and 2D camera?

With the gradual development of technologies such as machine vision and autonomous driving, 3D tof camera is used for object recognition, behavior recognition, and scene modeling related applications. It can be understood that tof camera is the eyes of terminals and robots. What are the differences between tof camera and 2D camera? The tof camera is also called a 3D camera. As the name implies, the camera can detect the depth of field distance of the shooting space, which is also the biggest difference from 2D cameras.

The pictures taken by 2D cameras can see all the objects in the camera’s angle of view and record them, but the recorded data does not include the distance of these objects from the camera. Only through image analysis to determine which objects are far away from us and which ones are closer, there is no exact data. The tof camera just solves this problem. Through the data obtained by the tof depth camera, we can accurately know the distance of each point in the image from the camera, so add the (x, y) coordinates of the point in the 2D image, you can Get the three-dimensional space coordinates of each point in the image. The real scene can be restored through three-dimensional coordinates, and applications such as scene modeling can be realized.

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