What are the advantages of 3D tof camera applied to smartphones?

1.Many effective depth information: The 3D tof camera sensing technology of the smart phone can measure multiple effective depth information points at the same time.
2.Long working distance: 3D tof camera can achieve a measuring distance of at least 3 meters. For face unlocking, 1 meter and 3 meters will not make any difference in experience, but the longer working distance means that 3D tof camera can be used in more scenes.
3.Small size: to ensure recognition accuracy, the projector and receiver of the 3D structured light need to keep a certain distance, which is the so-called baseline. The 3D structured light on the iPhone X needs about 25 mm, and the current Android solution requires Longer, the result is that 3D structured light modules are generally longer. In contrast, the 3D tof camera baseline is not demanding and can be very small in size.
From the perspective of product characteristics, 3D tof cameras are more suitable for long-distance scenarios, and in scenarios with higher cost and size requirements, 3D tof cameras will also gain a certain market share.

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