3D depth camera has been applied in many robot products

DOMI 3D depth camera is not only suitable for indoors, but also suitable for outdoor scenes with complex scenes, and good depth maps can also be obtained in sunlight. For common depth cameras on the market, the active light is easily disturbed by sunlight, so that a good depth map cannot be obtained. DOMI 3D depth camera adopts a unique optical design, which can reduce the interference of sunlight and ensure the accuracy and integrity of the depth map when used in outdoor sunlight.
Combined with its own high-performance chip research and development capabilities, 3D vision capabilities and system integration capabilities, DOMI has launched 3D depth camera with large wide-angle, high frame rate and high precision to meet the needs of various smart device positioning, obstacle avoidance and intelligent analysis.
In recent years, with the vigorous development of artificial intelligence, robotics and other industries, 3D depth camera has become a bottleneck restricting the development of many fields including robotics, security, AR/VR, sensorless intelligent access control, machine vision, Internet of Things, intelligent transportation and other fields. Demand for depth cameras is growing rapidly. Especially in the mobile service robot industry, including food delivery robots, hotel service robots, shopping mall robots, inspection robots, and factory AGV autonomous mobile robots. At present, DOMI 3D depth camera has been applied in many robot products.

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