DOMI Release the latest 3d depth camera, suitable for a variety of scenarios

DOMI latest 3d depth camera DM_RGBD_5002A consists of a high performace VGA ToF and a RGB sensor. It is ideal for 3D depth sensing applications, suitable for various indoor and outdoor scenes, can generate high frame rate and high precision depth map, and at the same time Support intelligent AI algorithm.
One of the main application scenarios of this 3d depth camera is AR/VR and real scene 3D reconstruction. The whole machine has many advantages such as high depth map accuracy, high frame rate, strong AI computing power, good image quality, high integration, low power consumption, and small size.

3d depth camera DM_RGBD_5002A key Specifications

ToF Sensor Resolution Up to 640*480@25fps
RGB Sensor Resolution 1280*960@30fps
Distance Range 0.2m-5m
Wavelength 940nm
Accuracy 2%@ Center 10*10 pixel
ToF FOV H64°* V51°
RGB FOV H76°* V61°
Size 79mm * 35mm * 15.7mm
Interface USB2.0
Power Supply USB2.0(5V/2A)
Power Consumption Average<3.6W@25fps
Operating System Windows/Linux/Android/ROS
Operating Temperature -10℃-45℃
Security Class I Laser
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