What’s the use of a ToF camera on a smartphone?

What's the use of a ToF camera on a smartphone?

Now there are more and more smartphones with ToF camera modules, What’s the use of a ToF camera on a smartphone?
Tof camera has a wide range of uses, Beyond its role in computational smartphone photography, a ToF camera can do a variety of other things.
Because ToF cameras are so excellent at 3D mapping a scene, they work well for facial recognition. So, if the ToF camera is on the front side of the phone, it’s most likely for that. This also works well for augmented reality selfie filters.
A ToF camera at the rear of the phone can be for a number of reasons such as AR applications or for photography and videography. Since the introduction of ToF cameras, smartphones have been able to produce stunning images with better looking shallow depth-of-field.
As mentioned before, a ToF camera is also ideal for augmented reality applications. Apps that use real-time 3D filters such as Snapchat, and AR-based games such as Pokemon Go, can only get better with the implementation of a ToF camera. Virtual reality worlds can also be created much quicker with the help of ToF technology.

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