ToF camera can be used in non-gesture applications as well

As we all know, ToF camera is widely used in gesture recognition, such as to command gaming consoles, Human-machine interfaces and gaming, etc. So what applications are there in non-gesture applications?

ToF camera can be used in non-gesture applications as well. For instance, in automotive, a ToF camera can increase safety by alerting the driver when it detects people and objects in the vicinity of the car, and in computer assisted driving. In robotics and automation, ToF camera can help detect product defects and enforce safety envelopes required for humans and robots to work in close proximity. With 3D printing rapidly becoming popular and affordable, ToF camera can be used to perform 3D scanning to enable “3D copier” capability. In all of these applications, spatial accuracy is important.If you are interested in tof camera, you can follow DOMI tof camera, welcome to consult.

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