What is 3D Machine Vision ?

Machine Vision technology that specializes in studying how to use machines to simulate biological vision functions. It automatically receives and processes images of real scenes through optical devices and non-contact sensors to obtain required information or to control machine movements.

Machines see the world has experienced many breakthroughs: from black and white to color, analog to digital, general definition to high-definition, two-dimensional (2D) to three-dimensional (3D), from seeing clearly to understanding, and some In terms of surpassing human vision, it provides development driving force for a variety of innovative applications.

In a broad sense, 3D vision can be divided into two categories: “3D imaging (use is to display, to meet the needs of human eyes)” and “3D sensing (use to identify and detect, to meet the needs of machines)”; in a narrow sense, 3D vision Specifically refers to 3D sensing. Nowadays, 3D vision combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve “understanding” is changing the operation mode of all walks of life and human life: from “industrial product detection and classification”, “human lesion location and analysis”, to ” Smartphone face recognition”, “augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)”, then to “robots and cars driving autonomously”…

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