Tof sensor module for automotive applications

Manufacturing cars is very complicated and expensive. It requires thousands of components, including 60 to 100 high-quality sensors, many of which are installed in the engine to ensure that car owners can identify and prevent possible problems before breakdowns and expensive repairs. Numerous sensors are deployed throughout the vehicle to meet evolving safety and efficiency standards and environmental standards.

Engine sensors can measure voltage, fuel temperature, oxygen content, etc. to ensure that the vehicle runs at the highest efficiency. Their application has been very extensive and will grow exponentially.

Tof sensor module can also be used in automobiles, and is suitable for various automotive applications such as gesture recognition, driver monitoring, and pedestrian/obstacle detection.Comfort functions supported by ToF include hand position interaction (intuitive HMI) to operate the sunroof, airco and radio; personalization through body, head and face monitoring; detection of objects left behind in the vehicle; and parcel classification and recognition.

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