Using People-Counting Technology to Occupancy Monitoring for Workplace

Businesses must spend considerable amounts on leasing appropriate space for their activities, along with related charges for heating, lighting, water, ventilation and cleaning. Companies should actively monitor the use of space in order to ensure that these substantial costs represent a beneficial return on investment.

Using People-Counting Systems to Occupancy Monitoring for Workplace

How to make better use of professional real estate space is a key factor to ensure effective use of space and minimize capital expenditures.

Certain parts of an office building may be prone to overcrowding at certain times, or underutilized meeting rooms could be better utilized. We need to find a convenient way to solve this problem.

Leveraging the Power of People Counting Technology By installing a people counting device to doorways, the number of people entering and leaving a space could be accurately measured.

DOMI’s Time-of-Flight technology is able to count several people at the same time, facilitating accurate people counting even when working with bidirectional traffic or people moving in close proximity to one another.It is the perfect choice for Businesses.

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