What are the application areas of 3D depth camera technology?

The application of 3D depth camera technology has been gradually improved and promoted with the development of industrial automation. With the expansion of the space required for use and the advancement of technology, driven by the needs of many industries, the 3D depth camera has entered a stage of rapid development. The field of use includes many industries, and the industry is the most used.

3D depth camera integrates optics, electronics, machinery, sensing and computer, and has strong technical requirements. 3D depth camera is suitable for many application fields. For example, in the logistics industry, 3D depth cameras are used to measure the volume of objects, and can be used to quickly identify the length, width and height of objects, so that logistics companies can better standardize warehouse management, rationally use storage and transportation space, and improve Space utilization. 3D depth cameras can also be used for environmental perception, 3D scanning, SLAM, gesture recognition, etc., to enhance the integration and interaction of virtual reality in the field of AR/VR; 3D depth cameras can also be used in traffic monitoring and license plate recognition, Advanced vision technology will help protect traffic safety.

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