3D depth camera is an ideal choice for machine vision to improve accuracy

3D depth cameras promote the advancement of machine vision technology, mainly using computers to imitate human vision, extract information from images of things, and finally use them in actual detection, measurement and control. Because of the function of 3D depth camera detection and measurement, the “fine” of 3D machine vision is aimed at the accuracy of detection and control. The precision control of machine vision is limited by two points, one is hardware, because the 3D depth camera is used for image extraction, and the precision of the camera determines the precision of detection. On the other hand is software, and the results of different software algorithms have measurement differences. It can be said that the hardware resolution determines the limit of accuracy, and the algorithm determines the real accuracy. Upgraded hardware and optimized software determine the upper limit of detection accuracy. These two points are only one aspect of determining the accuracy of machine vision detection.
The principle and cause of 3D machine vision accuracy requires high-precision detection and many conditions.3D depth cameras is an ideal choice for machine vision to improve accuracy.

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