What are the advantages of RGB-D camera?

In powerful object detection and classification tasks, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of correct matching, especially for objects with similar shapes, such as RGB-D camera colors in objects of different colors to be seen. Conversely, 2D cameras cannot distinguish photos from real objects.
The color information helps to improve the details of the scene when depth information is lacking, such as during the process of unpacking the pallet, two cartons are very close together on the pallet, causing the 3D camera to recognize them as one carton. However, the gap between the two can be detected with the help of the higher resolution RGB-D camera data.
It is very suitable to use this RGB-D camera in these application scenarios mentioned above, RGB-D camera can improve the reliability of the system, such as obstacle detection in automatic guided vehicles, reduce CPU load: find containers in 2D images , and analyze its filling height by lowering the ROI in the 3D image, facilitating the understanding of the scene and making it easier to set up and operate complex 3D systems.

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