ToF technology is widely used and has broad prospects

With the development of digital imaging technology, the camera has been widely studied as a sensor. In the past year or so, ToF technology has frequently appeared in various mobile phone products as the highlight of taking pictures. From vivoNEX to Honor V20, from depth of field measurement to motion capture, with the blessing of ToF technology, smart phones can take better virtual photos, and can be transformed into somatosensory game consoles… as one of the three mainstream solutions in the field of 3D depth vision In addition to the application of ToF technology on mobile phones, it has also begun to show its talents in various fields such as VR/AR gesture interaction, automotive electronics ADAS, security monitoring, and new retail, so it has broad prospects.

This technology is basically similar to the principle of the 3D laser sensor, except that the 3D laser sensor scans point by point, while the ToF camera obtains the depth information of the entire image at the same time. To put it simply, the ToF transmitter emits a flat ‘light wall’. This light wall hits the surface of the object to be measured and reflects back and brings back depth information. “The ToF transmitter emits laser light to the object, and then a receiver receives the reflected laser light. Based on the length of the laser round trip and its fixed flight speed, the distance between this point on the object surface and the ToF camera is calculated. If you want Learn more about ToF follow DOMI.

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