ToF 3D camera used for facial recognition by cell

Sep 2, 2021

In the past few years of the rapid rise of smart phones, mobile phone unlocking has undergone digital passwords, gestures, fingerprint recognition, and today’s mainstream facial recognition, which has undergone a variety of technological updates and iterations. For example, facial recognition currently mainly includes three solutions, 3D structured light, binocular stereo imaging, and the recently launched ToF 3D camera. Compared to the first two solutions, the tof camera performs better.

For example, recently, vivo launched the NEX Dual Display Edition, its facial recognition technology is ToF light-sensing face recognition, this is also the first time that ToF 3D lenses have been used for face unlocking. The unlocking experience is pretty good. Whether it is entering facial information or unlocking, it can be unlocked directly to the desktop at the moment the screen is turned on. The whole process is very fast. By comparing with other brands of mobile phone unlocking,We can clearly feel that the vivo NEX Dual Display Edition has more advantages in face unlocking, especially in terms of recognition speed and accuracy, which is more applicable. This is all thanks to ToF 3D technology.

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