Tof sensor technology is becoming more and more popular

tof sensor
tof sensor

After the camera modules that record photos and video, it’s the turn of time-of-flight (ToF) sensors popular.From smartphones to automobiles, tof sensor ability to measure distance to objects could become essential.
As defined as it is, the new Galaxy S20 + ‘s 64-megapixel super sensor has a limit: it sees the world in 2D. This CMOS image sensor has no idea of ​​the distance to objects since it can only assess the amount of light and its color. If it can simulate pretty blurry backgrounds, it is thanks to the support of a companion module that takes place between the various “normal” camera modules.
Also equipped with optics, this module does indeed integrate a sensor built by the CMOS process, but whose operation and missions are very different. This component is called a “time of flight sensor” or ToF sensor. A sensor that doesn’t care whether an object is blue or red or even the ambient light. it is only interested in one thing: measuring distance.

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