ToF sensor is one of the main technology types by 3D depth cameras

ToF sensor is one of the main technology types currently used by 3D depth cameras. It is a camera device that can obtain distance data through visual data. By continuously sending light pulses to the object to be measured, and then using the sensor to receive the light signal returned from the object to be measured, And the distance information of the object to be measured is obtained by detecting the round-trip flight time of the light pulse. Compared with the dual camera (binocular vision) solution for depth measurement, the tof sensor solution has the advantages of less system computing power and smaller overall system size.

The application of tof sensor technology as an auxiliary smartphone camera for fast focusing has been very mature. Compared with other technologies, the tof sensor solution can also be used for distance measurement accuracy. For example, robot vacuum can detect and recognize objects and build a room map, so as to achieve optimal routing, reduced work time, improved coverage and avoid incomplete jobs, collisions and getting stuck under obstacles.
The DMOM2808D tof sensor has high resolution, has a variety of interfaces, and has a measurement distance of up to 2-5 meters, which is suitable for a variety of applications.
Scope of application:
Precise long-distance ranging
– VR
– Gesture Control
– Gaming, Logistics
– Volumetric Measurements
– Precise displacement detection in factory automation
– Non-contact distance and/or level measurement in harsh environments
Obstacle detection and avoidance
– Precise ranging for drone landing and navigation
– Step and edge detection in vacuum cleaners (not triggered by dark carpets)
– Perimeter scanning for automated guided vehicles
– Obstacle sensing in applications such as smoke detectors, emergency exits

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