Combining tof sensor technology with a labelling robot

Apr 1, 2022

The market is also increasingly demanding logistical flexibility, which in turn requires high-performance labelling solutions. Shipping labels are an important part of such solutions: First, shipping labels are an integral part of the logistics process and contain information such as customer addresses, labels, senders, barcodes, and shipping numbers. To meet these requirements, a ToF sensor can be combined with a labeling robot to print and use shipping labels in warehouses and distribution centers that handle a large number of packages each day.
The integration of the tof sensor and related application software in the robotic solution enables the tof sensor to detect the position, orientation and size of moving packages on a high-speed conveyor belt, and transmit this data to the machine print-applicator (RPA). With this data, the robot can pick up the adhesive label from the printer and place it in the correct position on the package in the correct orientation. This powerful system precisely places labels anywhere on static pallets or moving packages. With tof sensors, logistics supply chains can be made faster, more flexible, and less prone to errors.

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