ToF camera can achieve perfect bokeh effects in low light conditions

ToF camera can achieve perfect bokeh effects in low light conditions, which are one of the most challenging environments for 2D cameras in smartphone applications and prevent high-quality night mode portraits and fast auto Focus. ToF camera assists photo cases in low light conditions, with perfect background blur effect. The secret behind ToF-assisted is that the new 3D ToF image sensor can also create a night vision image of a scene, which is displayed in grayscale.
In addition to the depth data, the grayscale data of the ToF camera can also be applied. Again, resolution is key: the 3D ToF camera provides sharp night vision images.
ToF camera assisted function enables very efficient image processing, so beautification effects can also be applied to the video stream in real-time. In a properly designed 3D camera system, the DOMI ToF camera ensures that in all ambient light conditions, whether in strong sunlight, in the dark, or inside a building or car Works reliably.
Users can also dynamically configure the 3D ToF image sensor through the interface. Thus, during operation, the frame rate can be adjusted as easily as the exposure time or pre-defined operating modes, enabling functional optimization for the lighting and operating environment. In addition, intelligent power management ensures low power consumption. Thanks to the 3D ToF image sensor, ToF cameras can be reliably calibrated within seconds of the end of production.

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