ToF camera used in industrial manufacturing

What we mean by machine vision usually refers to a 2D vision system: that is, a picture of a plane is taken by a camera, and then an object is identified through image analysis or comparison, and features on a plane of the object can be seen, which can be used for absence/existence Inspection,Barcode and Optical Character Recognition and various 2D geometric analysis based on edge detection.
Since 2D vision cannot obtain the spatial coordinate information of objects, it has great limitations. 3D machine vision tof camera is a technology that can perform three-dimensional measurement or inspection of the surface of an object. How does 3D machine vision tof camera solve industrial manufacturing problems? For example, the solution for disorderly grasping of robots in the manufacturing industry, the first is tof camear measurement, planning an accurate and reliable path, for example, consider all elements of disorderly grasping station, including 3D vision, robot, grasper, workpieces, protective nets and other scenes, the tof camera calculates the optimal grasping path of the robot according to the positions of all elements to ensure that there is no collision during the correct grasping process.

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