Cost-effective tof camera for intelligent logistics

At present, there are three main mainstream 3D vision technologies, namely binocular stereo vision, 3D structured light and ToF camera. Among these three visual technologies, DOMI focuses on ToF technology, provides cost-effective tof camera and services for integrators, and has successively launched Depth cameras and RGB-D and industrial-grade tof sensors. According to the customized needs of customers, it is mainly used in the passenger flow statistics and passenger flow analysis industries with privacy protection, the positioning and obstacle avoidance of robots, and the dimension measurement, single-piece separation and counting in the field of intelligent logistics.
Compared with the tof sensor series that only output 3D depth map launched in 2020, the DM_RGBD_5002A series launched this time adds a pixel-aligned two-dimensional color map based on the 3D depth map, and combines RGB images with ToF 3D technology. RGB and 3D depth images that overlap in time and space are suitable for industrial automation, intelligent logistics, intelligent driving, intelligent security, 3D modeling, AIoT and other fields that require 3D perception of objects and environments, construction of 3D models and analysis.

Cost-effective tof camera DM_RGBD_5002A product specification

ToF Sensor Resolution Up to 640*480@25fps
RGB Sensor Resolution 1280*960@30fps
Distance Range 0.2m-5m
Wavelength 940nm
Accuracy 2%@ Center 10*10 pixel
ToF FOV H64°* V51°
RGB FOV H76°* V61°
Size 79mm * 35mm * 15.7mm
Interface USB2.0
Power Supply USB2.0(5V/2A)
Power Consumption Average<3.6W@25fps
Operating System Windows/Linux/Android/ROS
Operating Temperature -10℃-45℃
Security Class I Laser


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