ToF camera for door lock

With the efforts of DOMI, our ToF camera products have been imported into a variety of applications, including smart door locks, projectors, drones, robots vacuum, supermarket smartcar, security monitoring systems and smart home appliances, including refrigerators, smart doors, Smart desk lamp, continue to promote the application of TOF technology in consumer electronics, and hope to make traditional consumer electronics smart through tof camera.

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to update the TOF technology, especially the application of smart door locks. First of all, the resolution, from QVGA to VGA, the power consumption is reduced, and the modulation of the entire TOF system is also making continuous efforts to do dynamic lighting control, and the power consumption of TOF will be lower in the future. The module size is smaller. First of all, TOF is inherently better than binocular and structured light. Of course, because we have transmitter, receiver and processing, we are also doing high integration to make the entire tof camera module smaller, which is convenient for door lock customers to lock the door. Lock IDs are made smaller.

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