ToF camera for building access control application

As the resolution and depth accuracy of depth sensing technology continues to improve, it will become easier to distinguish and track people. The use of artificial intelligence can greatly improve the confidence level of classification, thereby driving the emergence of new emerging application areas. A typical application of ToF camera is commercial automatic door opening function, especially in areas with strong sunlight. Ensuring that doors are only open to people helps enable efficient building management and improves safety.

As the ToF camera algorithm further matures, data analysis will be used to gather a wealth of useful information about the behavior. This technology may first be used in building control applications such as access control systems. The vertical mounting of the ToF camera adds depth information, which means that the number of people can be counted very accurately. Another use case is smart automatic door opening, which can differentiate between people and only open when a real person is detected. DOMI tof camera has several products suitable for people counting.

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