ToF camera DM_RGBD_5002A product can be used with various operating systems

DOMI has extensive experience in 3D imaging, computer vision, image processing, sensor fusion, as well as gesture recognition and facial recognition. In recent years, the core team has successfully developed the popular ToF camera products for small business users and applied them to many fields. Together with our customers, we have developed customized products and software for multiple core applications and provided high-quality services. The core scenarios we pay particular attention to cover face recognition in payment, navigation in service robots, volume measurement in logistics, cargo detection in warehouses, gesture recognition in AR/VR, graphic assistance in industrial automation, driving in cars staff testing,etc.
DM_RGBD_5002A product is a ToF+RGB product recently launched by DOMI. The resolution of the ToF depth map is 640*480, the RGB output resolution is 1280*960, and the frame rate can reach 30fps; the product is small in size (79mm * 35mm * 15.7mm), and the interface is convenient (USB2.0), the current product has been stable Mass production plays an important role in many scenarios. The software SDK of the ToF camera DM_RGBD_5002A product can be used with various operating systems, and the documentation is very complete, which greatly reduces the difficulty of development.

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