Time of Flight sensors are a type of depth camera

Time of Flight sensors are a type of depth camera that calculates the distance between objects and the camera. it can be used to determine how far away an object is, as well as its size and shape.
Time of Flight sensors are able to detect people at a distance and count how many there are.Time of Flight sensors often use Infrared light to detect people in motion and can distinguish between humans,and vehicles. ToF sensors can be used as an alternative to contactless smart cards or proximity cards for entry into public buildings such as schools.Using time of flight sensors in building, improve traffic flow, reduce queueing time and increase customer satisfaction.
If you’re looking for a Time of Flight sensor, Welcome to consult DOMI. our tof sensor has an impressive depth accuracy of 5cm at 0.5m and has a range of up to 5m. It also comes with integrated computer vision software that can be used in many different applications such as face recognition or object tracking.

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