DOMI tof camera for people counting solution

Traditional method of people counting in and out of shopping malls has very limited effect. For example, counting the number of people connected to Wi-Fi in a mall. This leads to inaccurate statistics as customers move around the mall without connecting to the mall’s Wi-Fi. People counting is very important for malls because retailers always want to know how many people are there in the mall. This information helps large chains decide whether to invest in the mall to open retail stores.
Store managers can see if they need more staff for busy periods. Mall property companies can also use the data to calculate shop rents.
DOMI tof cameras are installed around the entrances and exits of shopping centers for people counting. ToF camera equipped with deep learning technology adapts to a variety of lighting conditions, and can effectively count in poor lighting conditions even at night without lights, as well as 3D person detection and tracking functions. These tof camera devices enable people to count up to 97 %Accuracy.
Advantages of DOMI tof camera for people counting
Static people counting
It is suitable for aerial photography at medium and long distances above 3 meters, and uses the head as the identification target to count the number of people in real time,no upper limit , and it is widely used in crowded places such as airports, stations, shopping malls, exhibitions, scenic spots, etc.
Dynamic people counting
Facing the entrance and exit scenarios such as stores and passages, the head and shoulders are used as identification targets to detect and track human beings, judge the direction of entering and exiting areas according to the target trajectory, realize dynamic population statistics, and return the number of people entering and exiting the area.

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