Provide customized tof sensor for volume measurement

Indirect time-of-flight (iToF) sensors, such as the DMOM2808D, calculate the distance between the sensor and the object by measuring the phase shift between the reflected and transmitted signal, while direct time-of-flight (dToF) sensor technology measures the reflected signal after it is emitted Time to go back to the sensor.DOMI has extensive experience designing direct and indirect high-resolution ToF sensors and provides tailor-made optimized solutions for specific application requirements.
DMOM2808D tof sensor is widely used in Gesture Control,Gaming, Logistics,Volumetric Measurements,Mobile robotics.The unique feature of the DMOM2808D tof sensor is that it can work under strong light, with a maximum ranging distance of up to 5 meters and multiple ranging areas, which helps the imaging system to understand the spatial details of the scene and greatly improves autofocus and touch focus. In addition, multi-frequency operation, advanced depth unwrapping algorithm,high pixel dynamic range ensure excellent long-distance ranging accuracy of the sensor.These advantages make the application field of DMOM2808D tof sensor very wide.

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