What are the advantages of 3d depth camera for robots?

Food delivery robots,robot navigatio, industrial robots etc. Robot technology is constantly developing, and more robots will be used in the future. As 3D technology is widely used in more and more fields, there are many technologies on the market. One of the techniques that can help obtain 3D data of objects and scenes is Time-of-Flight, also known as ToF. 3d depth camera can bring many benefits to fields such as logistics, robotics, and medicine. In the field of industrial robots, robots can actively avoid obstacles and identify targets. Not only can it move quickly, actively avoid obstacles, but also recognize the target for grabbing. These excellent performances benefit from the participation of the 3d depth camera.
What are the advantages of 3d depth camera for robots?
3d depth camera is applied to robots. a single frame can capture reliable three-dimensional contour information of objects, including multiple pixels, and the output data includes distance value, gray value and confidence.
The 3d depth camera detects a large field of view, which can meet the fast-moving response requirements of the robot. And it has excellent anti-light interference ability, flexible and stable data output, which can meet various customized requirements.

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