How to use ToF camera for people counting on the bus?

TOF camera is an ideal solution for people counting. It can be installed in airports, stations and buses for passenger flow statistics. TOF camera can solve the problems of close distance, frequent access, light changes, crowding and occlusion, and wear sun hats for passengers. , peaked cap, passengers carrying babies, passengers less than 1.2 meters tall, and the same passenger is repeatedly in the identification area. TOF camera can effectively solve the problem. Using TOF camera for people counting methods is accurate, effective and highly feasible.
A method based on ToF camera people counting, including the following steps;
1.Obtain the depth image returned by the ToF camera, install the ToF camera above the entrance of the bus, and the get direction is perpendicular to the bottom surface of the bus compartment. The data stream is sent to the depth control and processing unit, which converts the depth stream into a depth image.
2.Extract the hotspot area, filter and correct the data of the hotspot area, remove the non-hotspot area in the depth image, and retain the rectangular hotspot area;
3.De-noise processing, perform morphological processing on the depth image, and perform de-noising processing on the hotspot area through image opening operation and filtering;
4.Extract the feature area point set, and use the algorithm that retains the gray value to extract the feature area point set;
5.Preprocessing the feature area point set, including modeling and identifying the feature area point set, retaining the count area, modeling the area according to the point set retaining the gray value, and filtering out the population area.
6: Match and count the number of people area, use the algorithm to match the area, and use the counting line detection method to count;

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